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this is my testimony..susan smallwood

Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in Belgium and Germany due to my father serving in the US Army who met my mom in Korea.

My father was a raging alcoholic and abused both my mother and myself. I was physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually violated by my own biological father.  When I told my mom, she said "Don't tell anyone!" I had no one to protect me. I didn't know what boundaries were and became a people pleaser my entire life.  When I joined the US Army, I was sexually violated there as


Fast forward, I attracted men that wanted to control me. Yes, they bought me niceties, the Lifestyle I loved, everything a Queen deserves.  But behind the scenes was control. I was a kept woman for many years.  I didn't know anything about owning and operating a business. So I allowed myself to stay in situations that I wasn't really happy.  I covered up happiness with materialistic things, designer handbags, shoes, Luxury cars, trips, etc.

In 2010, While living in my 7800 sq. ft. home in Maryland, I had a breakdown.  I cried a river.  I had the furs, diamonds, Lux auto, designer furniture, traveled where ever but wasn't happy.

I entered into an agreement that would land me in Federal Prison.

I was indicted and sentenced to serve time for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

I served time where Celebrity Martha Stewart and Legendary Billie Holiday served time at Alderson West Virginia Federal Prison aka Camp Cupcake.

While in prison, the women lied and conspired against me just like they do in the streets.  They called me "haughty" and "grandiose"...hence the name of my Events company now GRANDIOSITY EVENTS! 

9 years ago when I was released from Federal Prison I met a man in the halfway house who I thought was the love of my life.  Oh boy, was I so wrong. He was very abusive and insecure.  I couldn't think mentally and lost my house to foreclosure!

I ended moving into public housing and surviving  on foodstamps. I didn't own a car for 3 years, but I never made excuses, I always showed up. GRANDIOSITY EVENTS produced our very first event at Signature Flight Support Private Jet Hangar at BWI for a charity Gala in October 2015 and a second event at SignatureFlightSupport 7 months later!2 years later, GRANDIOSITY EVENTS produced our first PoloXJazz in Middleburg VA then moved it to Maryland!

Nearly 2 years ago June 12th, 2022, I launched my own LaGrandeCaviar brand! Exposing the Black and brown cultures to the world of caviar by Elevating GRAND experiences, Normalizing Luxury, Redefining Rules and changing the complexion! Ooh la la!

In spite of all the pain and trauma I have endured since childhood, I have learned to forgive others but most importantly forgive myself and to remember the POWER and MAGIC inside of me!

We are co-creators alongside the creator to manifest our destiny.  Words are Powerful. I have registered at the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE #LiveLifeGrand®️! 

We are not our past, what we tell ourselves in the present determines our future! What we believe becomes true for us!

#LiveLifeGrand ®️ every day! Susan Smallwood aka Grand Caviar Queen 

FB/IG: @GrandiosityEvents @LaGrandeCaviar 

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