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Dr. Dione Johnson

My name is Dr. Dione Johnson (Dr. Dione) and I am a Creative Storyteller. What we tell ourselves about what happens to us is more important than what happens to us. Life happens to us all. Life is life. What we do about what happens to us-that’s the difference between whether or not we sit for another 38 years or get back up, little by little, and experience increased strength as we stand to keep walking.


My story: Since the age of 22, I have worked with people ages 4-70 in the context of individual, couples, and family treatment to address problems related to sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and mental illness. Working in jails and prison, forensic units of psychiatric hospitals, court-designated spaces, child-welfare encounters, crisis response calls on street corners, community mental health centers, and homeless shelters in CA, PA, NJ, and MD has not always been easy. But meeting the treatment needs of the individuals I serve has always been and remains my priority. I am a Maryland native, born and reared in west Baltimore to very hard-working blue-collar parents. I am a twice-divorced mother of a teenage daughter. I have lost some of my other children throughout my marriages.

Dr. Dione is a licensed clinical psychologist, Christian minister, entrepreneur, author, community leader, and motivational speaker. She blends psychology, philosophy, and theology to present a unique perspective that helps people gain a new understanding of themselves and the world around them.


She earned her doctorate in philosophy with an emphasis in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Dione has a passion for re-entry services for juveniles and adults released from correctional facilities, and she is the founder of Truth & Heart Ministries.


Dr. Dione came to faith in Christ at a young age, but the fear-based, fire-and-brimstone sermons of her childhood left her seeking more. For many years she struggled to understand where God’s love fit into her faith. Over time she began to see that God’s love was evident in His constant pursuit of her, and she increasingly comes to see His love at work in her life on a daily basis.


H​er awareness that God has relentlessly loved her and He chased after her even in the midst of her rebellion is what drives her today. The same God who was relentless in chasing after her, wanting her to come near to Him, to be in relationship with Him, to feel His love and acceptance is the same God who wants does this with all of us – His children.


Trauma. Relationship problems. Stress. Depression. Infertility. Anxiety. Grief. Loss. Schizophrenia. Food Insecurity. Domestic Violence. Autism. Housing Instability. Recovery. Divorce. Relapse prevention. Integrating my professional training with my theological foundation allows me to better connect with individuals, beyond their specific circumstances, always. It is with that priority that I begin to help others understand their problems, identify barriers to progress in their external circumstances and within themselves, create specific steps to help individuals more effectively manage their symptoms and challenges, and choose actions that move them forward toward their dreams in a productive way.

To contact Dr. Johnson please send an email to

erica smith


Self Published Author | Motivational Speaker | Mental Health Advocate | Encourager | Loc Influencer | YouTube Vlogger 


My passion is uplifting, educating, and encouraging others. 


Author Instagram:


Health/Beauty Instagram: @locslovefitnesswithe 


Show: Evenings with E

Memoir: Manipulate Me Not 

YouTube: Locs, Love, and Fitness with E


About my book: Manipulate Me Not 

I wrote Manipulate Me Not to share my stories of trauma, isolation, self doubts, and how I overcame it all (and how you can too). 


I want you to read this book to help you gauge unhealthy relationships in your family and friend circles. 



My hope is to bless, encourage, and empower YOU by my story and OUR stories.

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