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this is my testimony..apostle Tammy briggs

I am Apostle Tammy Briggs. I have triumphed and survived so many diverse trials. Through it all, God has been with me. I was born a twin to a 17-year-old girl. My father was absent in my formative years, but my mother was the most committed and loving mother a child could have asked for. I never knew what lovelessness felt like as a child. However, as I began to grow and develop, I was preyed upon by the age of 8 and ultimately molested at the age of 13 by male family members. This predatory behavior was present in my church through male church leaders and even followed me into the military. It seemed that I attracted predators just by existing.

My mother passed away in 1998. She was killed by a drunk driver. My life seemed like a black hole. I was already traumatized from my childhood, and losing my mother at 22 made me feel that my life was over. I married my thuggish 'baby daddy," and he began physically abusing me. We had three children before I realized that I needed to get out of this toxic marriage. My husband left me pregnant with our third child. I was so devastated I tried to commit suicide. But God! He told me not to do it. He saved my life. He began to peel away layers of hurt, pain, rejection, abandonment, and trauma. He sent prophets to me to tell me God had an amazing plan for my life. God anointed me with a powerful and unusual anointing for hurting people and teaching.

Today, I'm free. I'm powerful. I'm whole and healed. My assignment is to reach the rejected and hurting. God wants me to teach Grace to the Church to let them know that no one is outside of God's reach and His immeasurable love. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for He has anointed me to preach good news to hurting and to set the captives free." (Isaiah 61). I can set them free because I've been set free. To God be the Glory.

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