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this is my testimony...paula whittle


I will never forget how God brought me out! For the past four years, I have been fighting for my life! I have endured countless hospital visits for spinal procedures and treatments. I experienced immobility that kept me bound to a wheelchair, walker, or cane. Severe pain all over my body caused me restless nights and tears. I lost EVERYTHING. I was homeless, depressed, and feeling rejected. During that time, I still PUSHED my way through. In business, I produced my annual event - Atlanta Fashion Week - and worked on several major projects for other brands. No one knew, but GOD walked with me and held me through this entire journey.

Within the last three years, I was diagnosed with chronic diseases; Lupus and Fibromyalgia, along with an arthritic spine that causes mobility issues and grave disability, but that didn’t stop me from moving forward with my vision. Despite quitting college, I am self-taught in Public Relations, Production, Graphic Design, Finance and Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Music, and Real Estate. Additionally, I own a progressive Fashion Creative Agency, to lead brands in cutting edge innovation and visual communications. I went from experiencing years of homelessness, to a self-made fashion media mogul, financing my own business ventures, including Atlanta Fashion Week, Atlanta’s largest fashion affair, with over 400 designers from around the globe.

During my 17-year career, I have developed marketing strategies and campaigns for brand partnerships and major corporations such as BET, VH1, McDonald’s, Alabama State University, Tuskegee University, NASCAR, The Black Women’s Expo, AKON, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures, Bad Boy Records, Radio One, Vibe Magazine, Mercedes Benz, Warner Bros, CNN, Usher’s New Look, Marlo Hampton, and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Adding to my resume, I have also planned, produced, and executed over 120 major events and conferences. I have received proclamations from the Governor of the State of Georgia, Atlanta City Council, Atlanta Development Authority, as well as annual support from Atlanta’s Mayors. With a schedule that demands working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, planning the catwalk for Atlanta Fashion Week for the past 14 years, and a drive to expand into other countries and global spheres, I find it imperative to keep God first and attribute my success to Him.

After all of that, and because of God, I went from entertainment executive to fashion mogul, to PR maven, to event extraordinaire, to marketing guru, to television producer, to entrepreneur, to mother, to teacher, to visionary and community leader. While my brands and I have quickly acquired national and international acclaim, I continue to give back to the community by providing makeovers for homeless women and kids. I also encourage and empower women through my many platforms. I hope to inspire other women to become entrepreneurs and pursue their dreams like I did. My story is one of hardship, faith, innovation, and triumph, with more chapters still to be written. Many have doubted my capabilities, but through faith and determination, I have accomplished (in a short period of time) what would take most people years to do. With God on my side, I can look at the impossible and see possibilities.

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2022

YES! God is Amazing! You have accomplished Great things & still going! May God continue to keep you! Glory to God!!!

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