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This Is My Testimony...Kofi Houston

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hi! I'm Kofi and I would like to share my testimony. I got saved when I was 14 years old. Prior to that time, I wasn’t a Believer and despised anything Christ related. I viewed Christianity as a rip off of the ancient religions and sought to find knowledge elsewhere. Since I was a child I have had vivid dreams and when God decided to reveal himself to me he did so through these dreams and by sending warnings to my friends of my impending death.

One night, my friends and I walked a younger child home. Walking down the road, we noticed a car creeping behind us with its headlights off. We got scared and began running in different directions. I hid behind a car as the pursuers sped by. An old man appeared at his front door with a shotgun threatening to shoot me. I snapped that no one was thinking about him and as soon as I was in the clear from the main threat, I ran home. It was blocks away, but it felt like miles. While sprinting, I ended up on the street from my dream! Fearfully, my spirit said, “God, if You get me out of this, I will give You my life.” As soon as I uttered those words, an indescribable peace overcame me. I made it home safely, but my night had just begun.

While sitting on the porch with my sister and her friend, a police car pulled up. They said I matched the description of a group of kids breaking into cars on the eastside of town. I lived in the west. I retorted, "Of course I match the description; ALL black people look alike!" I turned from the cop to get my mother, but she grabbed my arm to stop me. I snatched my arm back and the cop moved toward me. An altercation ensued; my sister and I were arrested.

In hindsight, I realized how many times God's grace saved my life that night. After these events, one of my sister's friends invited us to church. I would normally decline. The next time she asked me if I wanted to go, my prideful and rebellious spirit prepared to say no until I heard God speak to my spirit saying, “I held up my end of the bargain. Now it is your turn.” I felt convicted and I surprised her by saying YES.

I visited the church for a few weeks, and that was by far the greatest decision of my life! Eventually, I joined. The bond between God and I grew stronger and to this day He still speaks to me through dreams.

You can reach me on my site for an extended version of my story, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and IG under Kofimage. I pray that my story and the content you read on my blogs bless you, and I am looking forward to speaking with you!

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