This Is My Testimony...Pastor Ronzel Pretlow

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Pastor Ronzel Pretlow has a story to tell. Born the eighth of nine children Ronzel was a very different child growing up. He developed an early attraction and gravitation to music based on his mother’s influence who Ronzel calls “the undiscovered Ella Fitzgerald”. It was not until his early teens that Ronzel discovered he truly had a gift to sing. He was called on at 14 to sing the national anthem at his high school and after bringing the entire teaching staff to tears it was known that something amazing was being birthed. This amazing gift became a source of victory and burden for the young Pretlow. Discovering it was awe inspiring but developing it led to deep depression and early on Pretlow could not find a balance. “I remember Being 19 and ready to jump off of a bridge... I just couldn’t find myself”. At 23 years old Ronzel was discovered by Bishop Carlton Pearson when he rendered a lead part on a selection by Andre Jones. Bishop Pearson only two weeks later flew Pretlow to Tulsa, OK to sing before an audience of over 20,000. It was there that Pretlow introduced the world to his gift on a song called “It Overflows”. The song went on to become one of the biggest in gospel music history. Noted for his power and humility Pretlow became an overnight wonder. The once small church he pastored after taking over from his father, exploded... at that time Pretlow was married. The marriage according to Pretlow was “never the will of God and Satan used it to slow me down”. By 27 Pretlow found himself divorced and developing under public scrutiny. He would go on to have two more children by another wife due to a principal...”I don't just sleep with women and not marry them”. This too was another set back as that marriage would also end in divorce. Pretlow later said... “it was a rebound and emotional relationship that I used to fill a hole”. This marriage also ended in divorce. Pretlow found himself caught in a rock and a hard place. He would later say “I had to leave the ministry to find myself I was lost and alone” Pretlow announced to his church that he would leave the ministry for a sabbatical of an indefinite time. As it turned out that sabbatical lasted three years with Pretlow then went on an emotional journey, deeply searching himself. It was then that God answered his prayer finally giving him the wife that he wanted for his life in the person of Telesha Harmon. The favor of God exploded on their lives and Pretlow once again has developed a huge footprint in the kingdom of God. Known for his provocative style of prophetic preaching he continues to speak the truth in all denominations of the kingdom of God. His trials have led him to writing a book titled: Emotional Health 101: Deliver Us From Crazy. Pretlow is a testimony that no matter how low your life goes or what the devil tries to do to it you can recover all!

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