This Is My Testimony...Pastor Duerre Thomas

Losing my father at 6 years old marginalized and placed me in a negative statistic that said "a young man without a father," would not be a healthy contributor to society and that I had a greater risk of major challenges than those with a father.  If that were not enough, my mother passed away from a rare blood disorder called Lupus, a systemic and autoimmune disease that's incurable and life threatening. All this took place by the time I was 10 years of age. Yet, through it all, God had a plan and the pain was only a part of the process, that would be transportation to my divine destination.  By this time, lesions started appearing on my face and scalp; doctors were treating them as wring worms but nothing seemed to work. My Paternal Grandmother decided she would take me to a private doctor in Freeport, Bahamas.  Immediately upon seeing the doctor, I too was diagnosed with Lupus.  My heart was broken. Tears streamed down my face and I asked God the question "WHY?" I remembered the painful and sleepless nights my mom had and now here I am with the same diagnosis.  Doctors said the disease had started to attack my internal organs aggressively and they did not see me living past 18 years of age. If I did, I wouldn't be able to do anything regular 18 year olds would do. I knew about heaven and hell from attending an Assemblies Of God church with my Grandma and decided if I will die, then I will give my heart to God; He had other plans than that of the doctor. God spoke to me specifically as a teenager that "if I would preach for Him, I would live and not die!" Today I am 36 years of age and still alive because I responded to God's calling and decided to live purposefully.  To date I am married to a beautiful girl from Brooklyn New York, Sharai Thomas, and have four incredible and handsome boys. I've planted a fast growing church on the island of Exuma, Bahamas and now currently planting a second campus in Port Charlotte, Florida.  God has blessed me to have authored 5 books and I travel around the Caribbean and parts of the United States sharing my testimony, to thousands of people every year.  I know my story is still being penned for God's glory! The best of my life is yet to come! I am a testimony that dreams are not meant to die and that God is a Healer! 

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