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this is my testimony...Lisa Kirk

I am an author, designer, speaker, and a southern girl to my core; but most importantly, I am a HOPE DEALER.

The joy and peace you see within me is a true GIFT - one I had to FIGHT for. I’ve endured many of life’s punches that knocked me flat on my face. I was battered, bruised, and broken, but it was all for a season. I had to decide that my pain would finally PAY UP and not continue to “punk me” like God didn’t birth purpose within me. Maybe you are like I was. Maybe you need someone to come and see about you in your silent (but loud) suffering.

Although trouble came for me even before I was born, I had a very keen spirit of discernment. I was born into a battle, so I learned EARLY, how to fight, manipulate, and survive through secrets and years of shame. I hurt those who came to help me and stayed close to the ones who tried to kill me, but I learned that knowing my purpose and walking in my purpose were altogether different. I knew I had something special within me, but the way my past was set up, I had major work to do to heal from what happened. I found out walking in my God given authority was something I would have to fight for, not just once, but continually! I realized I WAS WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

The life I live today is especially due to the strength I received EACH time I OVERCAME adversity. Even death had to bow. The work of healing from trauma at a very, early age is the deepest, most meaningful work I have ever done. It was the first TRUE investment I made for myself. I overcame childhood abuse, poverty, teen bullying, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, homelessness, and the loss of my 17-year-old son, Kalen, in 2016. I’ve put in the work, sought support, gained WISDOM and realized that I could DESTROY everything that tried to destroy me. Alternatively, I could blame my abusers for the rest of my life and, live beneath my blessings while living in pity. My purpose in life is to help people GET OUT of their funk and ignite a fire in every soul! Why? Because sucking air, merely existing and living in defeat is NOT why we were created.

Today, I am married to my very own Dwayne Johnson. We raised seven, gifted young people as a blended family. I am transparent and share my testimony because people need HOPE and HELP instead of a social media fairy tale. Today, my life reflects what happens when you KEEP HEALING, KEEP GROWING, KEEP PRAYING and KEEP BELIEVING. Let me help you SHARE THE SUNSHINE IN YOU. I “S.E.E.” clearly now the pain, shame and blame are GONE! I can help you “S.E.E.” clearly as well, step by step, goal by goal. S.E.E. stands for STRATEGY, EMPOWERMENT AND ENCOURAGEMENT!

I travel nationally and internationally to help others live beautifully! I offer this support in my 1 on 1 sessions, keynote addresses and workshop presentations. I would love to help you and/or your organization as well!

Once you believe YOUR SUNSHINE IS ENOUGH, any great thing is possible. It is up to you to SEE it, BE it, and LIVE it with STRATEGY, EMPOWERMENT, and ENCOURAGEMENT!

Contact me:

Lisa D. Kirk, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

502 E. Main Street

Lakeland, Florida 33801

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