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This Is My Testimony...Dr. Keri Norris

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Pregnant at 14, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and later on, domestic violence, I always leaned on the 23rd Psalm and Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son”. Life had not been kind to me at all, but I persevered, and used resilience, my faith, and academics to propel myself and hide my pain. Surviving two abusive relationships, one that almost killed me, was an awakening, and it pushed me to dig deep for strength to provide a way for myself and my Son. Almost losing my only child to gun violence tested my faith, strength and ability to forgive. God kept my heart and my mind through all of the trials and tests. I’ve worked for internationally respected organizations, written two books, given an advocacy speech to members of Congress on behalf of Domestic Violence survivors, shaped national policy for Women’s Health, taught at prestigious universities and have been honored by all of my alma maters.

I tell everyone that I strongly believe in prayer, AND therapy. God gave me #KeriOn and I wrote the entire book in one weekend, locked up in my home. This was my second book and I worried it would not reach people because they didn’t know me or my story. Lord knows I don’t look like what I’ve been through. God gave the blueprint for this book while I worked full time as a C-suite executive, part time law student, member of various nonprofit board of directors, and fought a debilitating chronic illness. I’m still standing. What better example is there of how to #KeriOn?

In a 52 week program, Dr. Keri reminds us to #KeriOn in an honest, funny and poignant way. This weekly approach to empowerment, overcoming, and being resilient will have you excited to do the work necessary to live your best life. #KeriOn is a movement born out of motivating Dr. Keri’s friends and family to pick themselves up and keep going in the face of adversity. Through lessons which include pain and laughter, you will learn how to focus and finally be your best self, ever!

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