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This Is My Testimony...Dr. Gina R. Prince

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

"In His Light"

I was raised in a single parent household. If either one of us could have changed this we would have. My father died when I was five years old. My mother was a widow in her early twenties. This was super traumatic for us both. My father was the glue, the anchor and the peacemaker in our family. He will be forever missed. It’s funny how life happens. We have to survive every situation we come across. The problem is, God has called us overcomers not survivors. When we survive, we make it through, but not over. This trauma would affect us both for years to come.

I never learned how to cope with my emotions. I spent most of my life searching for love, hope and affirmation. I looked everywhere but the right place. I was molested at the age of 10 for almost a year. Through that experience, I thought my body was the price I had to pay to receive love, hope, protection, affirmation and anything I thought I needed.

After the molestation, I went from being promiscuous to becoming a stripper and a low key sack chaser. None of it fulfilled me. Throughout those years, I spent time with doctors, lawyers, some high school friends, celebrities and promoters smoking crack, but most of the time I would be alone in my apartment. I was considered a functioning addict. I still worked, hung out, went out to dinner, and kept my look on point. Nails, toes and hair were always done. I kept designer clothes and bags always as well. I did that off and on for over 20 years. I was alone and lost most of my life. I gave up hope, but I survived. I lived to survive one thing after another.

I never thought about a future. I wanted to die, but I didn’t want to be the killer. I unconsciously allowed the devil to take my life slowly. I would often dwell in places where is was nothing but death. BUT GOD!! At some point as I was walking in this deathly journey, God sought fit to not let me go too far out of His reach. I made it through it all and when He said, “Enough,” it was enough. I finally saw His light.

My life has completely changed… or did it? I gave myself back to the Father for the third time. Could this be the final time? All I know is, once He revealed Himself to me this time. This was “the time.” I was ready. He poured so much into me. He showed me so much. I heard His voice, felt His presence, I understand His Word, I saw vision and I even saw angels. He gave me so much revelation, I wanted more. I was thirsty.

Although I was with the Father and overcame quite a bit, it was still just the beginning of a journey of warfare. Do you think the enemy was happy that God took me out of his clenches? Heck no! That devil was pissed off, but I kept going in the way of the Lord. I was determined to remain with God and not move out of His Will.

I am so glad I did. The Bible says, if He can trust you with little, He will advance you to much (paraphrased Luke 16:10). I am a living witness of this. I was so thankful for the Father pulling me out of the darkness enough for me to want more of His light. I would go on to tell everyone all He had done for me. Yes! I told the unadulterated truth. It was, and still is, very important for me to give God all the glory. He is worthy!

It has now been over 17 years since I last smoked crack, stripped or prostituted for luxurious things (clothes, bags, trips, money for bills or my purse, homes and cars). That’s right I said prostituted. It’s all the same, sack chasing, gold digging and dating only men with a lot of money, like athletes and drug dealers.

If you didn’t have money I would not date you. Mind you, this was all self-taught in street survival mode. Now I’m with the real TEACHER – God Almighty Himself. My Life has been forever changed. I have had a lot of wounds healed and even more scars erased. My mind has been renewed and scales removed from my eyes. I am still a work in progress. No matter what it feels like, I know my God will complete the good work He has started. He is faithful like that.

Today I am an Ordained Apostle of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I have a PhD in Theology and a Masters in Counseling. I am a two-time, published author. My first book “Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny” is currently in the Library Of Congress. My second book “The Keys Against The Enemy” is a 90-day devotional. Both books can be purchased anywhere books are sold.

My passion for fitness has resulted in me becoming a fitness trainer. I created a fitness DVD called “Health~N~Soul”. All products can be purchased on my website also. Everything can be downloaded as well. I’m also a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

If this is not enough, I write blogs for Charisma Magazine at least three times a month. God has shown me so much favor. I also have a radio show called Dr. Gina’s Radio Chat with over 1 Million Listeners as well as a Podcast with Charisma Podcast Network, called “The Keys Against The Enemy” with 5 Million subscribers.

I say all this to say, I know for a fact I could not have done any of this without The Father. There is absolutely no way I could have even dreamt it - BUT GOD. I’m still standing because of Him. I’m still moving in destiny because of Him. I’m able to testify of His mercy and grace because of Him. Once I surrendered it all to Him, He took over. I give Him my life! To me I wasn’t worth a dime, but to Him we are worth someone else’s life. Jesus Christ gave His life for me and you. The Father gave up His Son, Jesus, for us all.

I don’t care what you have been through or what was done to you; God can heal. I don’t care what you or nobody else thinks about you; God can deliver. He does it all because of His unconditional love for us. Surrender to Him and watch Him do exceeding abundantly above all you can ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20-21). He keeps doing it for me. Let Him do it for you too. Lovin’ you, Dr. Gina❤

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