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This Is My Testimony...Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

God, you are El Gabbor, and you have taken me to places I never imagined that I could pull myself out of. My journey hasn't been easy. It has had tears, pain, deception, injury, UBER failures at so many things including TWO marriages. I have seen the barrel of a gun, sexual abuse, hurt, suicidal thoughts, anger, anguish, and laughter. I failed English and Math in high school, sold mangoes on the streets of Balaclava, and on the Trains from Balaclava to St. James. I was homeless at one stage of my life and some of the people who were meant to protect me, abused me instead. I have been broke, and broken. Oh, I know hunger, being penniless, scourging to find milk to feed my children, driving my car in the winter with no petrol, being at work without lunch, but thankfully being provided with FREE coffee.

I walked with many and also walked alone. I know the darkness and emptiness that comes from the self-critique, the loneliness of being in a country where you only have your kids and a FEW good ROOT friends. I have felt melancholy, wishful, subdued, and sorrow. I have been in my own head at times, and have been in my own way often. I have filled my mind with trash, lost some so-called “friends” along the way, been let down by some of the people I trusted the most, spent a night in jail, been fired from my job for standing up for what was right, found guilty of harassing my ex-husband and accused of raping him, spent 26 months in court battling for I don't even know how long, even after it’s over.

I have lost a HUGE sum of money to people I trusted, and to my own people. I have been discriminated against, shunned, racially attacked. I could go on for years, but I won't. That is a snippet of where I have been in my 42 years of life. I feel like I have lived for 143 years, but I have been vindicated! I have been freed. I have found grace, and some amazing people who I called family.

In the end, it was all a farce for a British passport. I was found innocent and even got some of my legal fees back. I am an overcomer. You can take my house, and take my car, but leave me with my MIND and I WILL OUTRUN YOU!

Today I am the CEO of two companies, a life coach, the best-selling author, and an international speaker to audiences of 15,000.

I have just produced my first documentary on single mothering, and my life story The Mango Girl is on Amazon here and in pre-production for a feature film with a US$4.9 million budget. I am not yet done, there is so much to do. My favorite mantras are: This too shall pass, where you are from is not a detriment to where you can end up, and GOD has you.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

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