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This Is My Testimony... Apostle Kimmoria Thomas

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I was abandoned by my father at 3 years old and raised by a single mother, initiated to be the wife of Satan, and rejected the crown, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and later on down the line, domestic violence. I am a survivor of three murder attempts on my life from abusive relationships, raped at 15, and raped later on at gunpoint during my pregnancy, and was told by doctors that I would never have children again, but the Lord healed me and I gave birth to my third daughter in 2010. Furthermore, I am the ex-wife of a wizard and an enemy of the occult, rejected and envied without a cause, poisoned and left for dead.

I never would have made it without the Lord. I’ve had some bad days, but I learned to lean on the Lord. There were times I felt like crying and I pretended to be happy to hide my pain. Only God knows I don’t look like what I've been through.

Before I became a Christian, a witch cast a spell on me for a demon to strangle me and my children to death. Back then, my daughters were babies and the evil spirit attacked us in our sleep. My God, it was a very scary experience. I could not sleep and if I did, it felt like I was losing my breath. It terrified me to watch my children gasping for air. Day after day it got worse and the torture of not sleeping was unbearable. I was desperate for help and I sought a witch to break the spell. I should have known better, but yet, there I went. The witch tried to break the evil spell, but she could not and she took me into the house of the Lord. God used a witch to take me to the cross! God will set you up and use anybody to do His will. The help I needed was found in the Lord and He delivered me from witchcraft and broke the spell. Matthews 12:26, says, “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself, how shall then his kingdom stand?” Truly, I agree with this verse because only light can cast out darkness; I’m a witness.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the many battles I would fight down the road. I’ve seen occult leaders walk through walls by astral projections to kill me, but they couldn’t because Christ canceled the attack. I have been initiated into the realm of death many times throughout my life to be sacrificed. My conversion to becoming a child of God wasn’t easy for me because I was terrorized by demons to give up my faith. When you are attacked in your mind and body by an evil invisible force, this form of torture is called “demonic chastisement”.

Over the years, I’ve seen Satan more than once. He appears mostly in my dreams and asks me to bow down and worship him and he will give me the riches of the world. I reply to him, “I will never worship you” and then the Lord rebukes him and he flees. Satan is very real and he can appear in any form to deceive people. He appeared to Jesus in Matthew 4:9 and asked Him to bow down and worship him and the Lord rebuked him. Satan only shows up in a believer's dream or atmosphere if they are serious about their faith. Years ago when he first appeared in my dream I was not playing church. I was praying from midnight to sunrise and meditating on the “Word of God” day and night. Meditating on the word blocks the attacks of the enemy on the mind.... the mind is the battlefield and Satan moves by the power of thought. That’s why it is imperative to meditate on the Holy Scriptures. It will keep your mind in perfect peace.

Although walking through the fire was painful, it made me pure as gold and qualified me to carry the oil. I’ve had many encounters with God and with angels and received Divine messages to the churches. I've experienced being caught up into a glory cloud, seen dreams and visions of the Antichrist, the false prophet, and the two witnesses in the book of Revelation. I’ve heard the voice of God like a trumpet and saw angels lift up a tractor-trailer with one hand and stop it from killing me. I've experienced the fire of God shut up in my bones, and the glorious fragrance of the Holy Spirit, His aroma smells like costly oils of spices. These are a few of my many encounters and my journey has not ended. It took me a while to see the reason why God allowed me to go through so much pain, but each time I speak on platforms at conferences. I now understand why, as I see lives being transformed by the miracle-working power of God and the word of my testimony.

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