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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hi, my name is Andrena! In life we all go through trials and tribulations. There is nothing new under the sun, instead it’s a new testimony from a different vessel. Well, here is my story.

My whole life I have felt like the black sheep being rejected from many places and people because of my attitude to live boldly but this new life did not come without a price. It came with many crying nights, self-sabotaging, and hatred, and feeling unwanted from the beginning and the list can go on. The attitude of negativity and self-pity put me in positions and relationships that cost me…ME.

I looked up one day to find myself in an abusive relationship allowing my life to result in the pits of hell, by myself, in trouble, and being a single mother of 3 with no direction, strength or drive. I was beaten down in every area of my life. The only thing I needed to do was lie down and just die, I was already dead inside and I was just walking around pretending I was living.

Relationships are a reflection of what you think of you. Looking back I realize I did not think highly of myself during that time. I decided to remain in a physically and verbally abusive relationship because I felt like where can I go? Who would love me?

I thought love was him beating me to get me on the right path and the verbal insults were who I was supposed to be. Is this love? The last beating in front of my children, the choking, pulling my hair and whipping me with a belt buckle in front of them was the last straw. This is where I had to decide to love me, or be buried. After this abuse I said GOD if you make a way and grab my hand I will climb with you guiding me.

GOD opened up the door and immediately I started climbing and I have not stopped since. I realize my worth is depending on what GOD says about me, so I decide to fight back by making better choices, setting boundaries and affirming who I am by the words and meditation of what GOD says I am. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, royal priesthood and loved!! I took those scriptures and started building a greater woman that I look at everyday now with joy that I choose ME and I still choose me. I can laugh at the enemy. What he thought was for my bad didn’t work, and GOD sure turned it all the way around! Now I use my testimony as a Master Life Strategist and Motivational Speaker to teach others to love themselves and own their greatness.

Whenever you need that 1-2-3 to get you up to fight the great cause for you follow me at:

Website/IG/FB: KeepMovinWithAndrena


Reach out and we will lock arms to keep you moving! Own your greatness and live out loud!

Love Your Favorite,


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