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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

“The Character Arc™️”

I learned the meaning of manhood the hard way. Yes, I know that most contemporary men do, but I paid an extremely high price for the lessons I learned. Here’s my story.... I’ve been on the public stage for literally half my life and been a celebrated leader for most of that time. Yet, no one knew the level of inauthenticity that I was living while there. 

I was honored as a 2015 Black Enterprise Modern Man. I have been featured in Delaware Today, interviewed by Roland Martin, taught around the world, and frequented the White House. I have counseled political leaders, pastors, and other high achieving leaders. I, myself, have ALWAYS been a HIGH ACHIEVING LEADER! But I’m also proof that everything that appears to be, isn’t exactly what is. I was popular but had no character. I had no integrity. I was focused solely on intellect, talent and charisma.

My world came tumbling down when my immaturity and inauthenticity blew up in my face and I was exposed for the fraud I was...

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was landing in Los Angeles, California to speak and I was told that there was an article written about me. That wasn’t new. I was flattered, so I thought. Well, I found out, not so much! It was devastating. My indiscretions were exposed for the world to see and it lead to an uncontrollable downward spiral. I lost EVERYTHING!! Not only was I a fraud, but now everyone knew it. 

Looking back, I remember being in enough pain that I sought counsel from my pastor and asked what I should do. He said something that caused my journey toward overcoming the challenge with which I was faced. He said “Face it like a man!” That began my journey on “The Character Arc™️”

In the movies, the way that a character is at the very opening of the movie is not what he is at the end of the movie. He goes through what movie script writers call a Character Arc. I had to evaluate myself and who I had become or not become. It was time to change. 

Psalm 128 was the road-map to being the kind of man I was supposed to be and with reckless abandon, leave the condition I was in. It was Psalm 128 that revealed the stages of manhood that I had to follow; personal, family, and societal, if I was going to recover and be restored. It showed me how to be ReManned. 

Now, that I've completed the ReManned process, I’m honored to help other emerging men who have encountered adversity become high achieving leaders of impact meaning and success. It couldn’t stop with me, so we started The ReManned Project (TRP). TRP is a global movement established to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and societies through accurately reconstructing authentic manhood.

When asked recently what I do to contribute to society after such a monumental fall, I reply that I can develop a fail proof spiritual maturity to ensure I never fall again. I also can keep men all over the world from falling as well. Finally, I can honor those that have given me a second chance and even those that can’t, with a commitment to a life of character and integrity. I’ve been able to put the pieces of my life back together piece by piece but the one thing that I can't afford to take my time with is my pursuit of character and integrity. It’s the key to acquiring and sustaining success in every area of life.

I'm happy, in the words of the old Mothers of the church: “I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be!” Thank you to “The Character Arc™️”

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