Here on assignment

We were all sent here on assignment to tear up something. The second you find out what it is, ungodly systems are in trouble. #Jesus was sent to tear up ungodly, problematic, non Holy Spirit spirit filled, man made religious systems, redeem mankind from sin and to point people back to GOD.

After He got started, it only took Him 3 years. I prophesy over you, when you get busy in your #purpose, it won’t take long for two things: you to take off, because GOD will always fuel His purpose in you and to dismantle and set people free from the system(s) they need to be freed from because of you.

Everything that’s ever attacked you: toxic relatives, narcissism, poverty, health issues, church hurt, drug addiction, WHATEVER your issue is/was represents the system you’re suppose to rise up and destroy.

It’s the same reason Moses grew up in Pharoah’s house and Jesus had to be sent to earth. It’s easier to dismantle a system from the inside out. That’s what your #pain and #process was about; giving you understanding of a thing from the inside out.

That’s why I can tell you this emphatically, when you learn what you’re suppose to learn, the lesson (#cycle) God put you in to learn, will disappear. That’s why y’all hear me preach consistently:

it’s not personal, it’s purposeful.

What you’ve been through is about the purpose God has assigned to you. That’s why y’all also hear me preach: I’m not mad, I’m made. There’s plenty of people, including #toxicrelatives, you couldn’t pay me to be around, but not because I’m mad and haven’t forgiven.

Just like Jesus and His relationship with Judas, I can forgive you, but still choose not to resurrect you.


Because your purpose and what you THOUGHT you did against me that really ended up working out for me, to get me where I’m going, has been served.

Out of all the people who came back to life when Jesus got up, Judas was not one of them and Jesus didn’t go looking for him either. Jesus moved on and His disciples held a meeting and said: let’s vote on a replacement...(if you ever wondered where voting in church for who should assume a position comes from, it comes from what Jesus’ disciples did in an effort to replace Judas).

Don’t get it twisted! Just like the Pharisees were still around after Jesus’ #resurrection, destroying a system doesn’t mean it no longer exists. It means even though it may still exist, you’ve exposed it has no power over you and the ones who CHOOSE to escape.

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